How Can Data Recovery Help You?

Data Recovery process is extremely important to save the crucial data that has been lost due to hardware problems or software issues. The process of data recovery is quite cumbersome and may take several hours to recover the data from a physical medium like a hard drive. Many times the data is lost due to a failure in the computer drive or due to some operating system failure. In some other cases the data may get lost due to accidental deletion, overwriting or some other errors. These data recovery processes require extensive search to find the data that has been inadvertently deleted, overwritten or otherwise lost. To effectively recover data, one must be able to determine the exact reason for data loss. Downtown Orlando Data Recovery for more information.

The very important initial step before the data recovery process is an accurate diagnosis, you can’t properly start the data recovery process otherwise without knowing exactly why the data has been lost. This helps in deciding whether there has been some physical damage to your hard drive or logical disorder during the backup process. This also helps to find whether any third party has tampered with the backup file. If you are dealing with a bitmap database, the recovery process becomes all the more difficult. This is because if your database is written in a bitmap format then the recovery becomes all the more complicated.

Data recovery through Windows Backup or in the case of Linux/Mac OS X is pretty much easy and straight forward. But in case of huge databases like in case of SQL, there is some additional legwork involved. In such case, data recovery through SQL backup is preferred. Data recovery through Linux or Mac OSX can be done if you use some special utilities. In both these cases, backing up the entire database is essential because if you don’t you could face data loss and the entire backup would be deleted along with the data.

The best way to back up data is through SMART drives. SMART (self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting) hard drives have all the features that are required in the data recovery process. SMART hard drives are built with security measures that protect against physical threats as well as logical threats. SMART hard drives are also built on non-volatile memory technology which ensures faster recovery times.

Another data recovery process that is useful for all forms of data loss is file mirroring. If you store your data on a central server that is connected to all other computers, then there is a possibility of losing part of the drive or even the entire drive. Through file mirroring you could easily retrieve data from any portion of the drive you want. Similarly, you could also access any part of the drive at any time through a remote desktop connection.

Apart from the above mentioned data recovery methods, there is another method that is used in case of massive data loss i.e. backup of files in a system. However, in this case, it is important that you store all files on different places so that you could easily retrieve them after the recycle bin has been emptied.

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