Barcelona is an expensive area

Most expats – unless privately insured – have to pay for dental costs out of pocket. Nowadays, expats usually check the reviews of hotels and restaurants before attending them. The same should be done for a dentist, as this is the person who you’ll trust with your mouth. The costs might be relatively higher than in other parts of Spain – as Barcelona is an expensive area to live in – but sometimes quality comes at a price.

If you do not agree with these conditions and our general terms and conditions of use, advertising policy and privacy policy, you may not use this site. This is another good indication that the clinic meets certain quality standards, but it isn’t mandatory. The reality is that each year over 50,000 people in the UK…

They also depend on the prestige of the clinic or the technology used. To receive its price list, you can fill in the online contact form. Cambra Clinic has 35 years of experience and uses the most advanced digital technologies. Orthodontists perform gentle movements that help correct the placement of your teeth. Clinical dental en gijon crown is a tooth-shaped cap that replaces your normal tooth.

We are a British Dental Clinic located in Calahonda, Mijas Costa. Why are so many people traveling to get dental treatment such as dental implants in Spain? With the cost of dental care rising, dental tourism is gaining popularity. Hundreds of thousands of people now travel overseas every year to access more affordable dental care.

It’s easier to make an appointment in a private clinic on the same or next day. If you want to go to a public dentist, you might wait longer. Frankly, I still think of the dentists as business people, focused on prices, not providing you with the best service.

Grupo Dental Clinics offer high quality aesthetic and functional dental solutions at affordable prices. The first consultation is free of charge and an individualised treatment plan is created by a specialist dentist. Use of the latest technology ensures that any treatment carried out is virtually painless and without discomfort. However, Barcelona has many great clinics with professional and highly qualified dentists. In this guide, you’ll find out what treatments are available, the costs, and which clinics serve expats in Barcelona. Our dedication to our work, our care for people, and our passion for dentistry, is what have brought us to where we are today, a clinic with thousands of happy and satisfied patients.

However, it’s not hard to find a private clinic with English-speaking dentists in Barcelona. If the prices seem too high, double-check with other clinics. Often, clinics offer free consultations, so you can use this to get a second opinion.

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