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A list of active Native Hawaiian 8 small businesses can be retrieved by following the steps listed below. Please be aware that the list of active Native Hawaiian 8 businesses changes frequently. As a result, we suggest you download a new list at least every six months if you are a Federal Agency seeking to do business with a Native Hawaiian 8. This article covers only the very tip of the iceberg regarding small business licenses and registrations in Hawaii. You can find much more information in the many other articles in the Hawaii Small Businesses Near Me section here on Nolo.com. Many of those articles are part of 50-state series—so you can get plenty of information that’s specific to the State of Hawaii.

Flight shame is real and valid, the Germans even have a term for it. Plus, it’s just an enjoyable experience, not simply because your destination is Hawaii but because the staff seems content and you’re rarely hit with the fees and headaches that seem to plague most other airlines. A Big Swell IPA — or one of the company’s sodas, if you’re going dry — tastes all the better knowing what the company stands for. With a brewery in Kihei, three restaurants to speak of, and solid distribution, it’s pretty easy to find Maui Brewing’s work. An eligible business must actually operate in a physical commercial space.

It’s not just an issue of money for businesses and households, but also the need to pay for state government. Mike McCartney, Ige’s economic development chief, sees a way to provide enough jobs for all of Hawaii’s 30,000 displaced hotel workers — and then some. But the Paycheck Protection Program was ill-designed for restaurants and other businesses that depended on tourists, and most of that money was spent by June 30. The unemployment insurance boost also was gone by the end of July. If you’re ready for holiday shopping, many local shops will be participating in Small Business Saturday after the Thanksgiving holiday. If more people shop locally and shop small, then businesses have a better chance at surviving — even thriving — according to Yoshimoto.

The fund can also reimburse expenses incurred to implement physical distancing and other safety precautions to comply with business opening and operating guidelines. Applicants in this category who apply for the standard SBRRF and who qualify also for this Special grant will first be processed for the standard SBRRF, and then the Special grant. The servicing credit union will follow this sequence and work with the applicant.

For government officials, the challenge has been how to sustain the economy while limiting the spread of the virus. The first island-wide business shutdowns occurred in March, which started with bars and restaurants and spread to all but essential businesses. The message is gaining traction with policymakers and the public, thanks in part to social media postings and videos that are appealing to a broad audience, McNamara said. She points to Ray as one who’s contributed to the movement with a group he calls Be Vocal, Support Local that draws attention to the need to support local businesses as a way to keep jobs and money in the local economy. Created by four childhood friends who reunited during their senior year of college to create a business plan, the friends began their entrepreneurial venture as a vegan soft-serve food truck on Monsarrat Ave.

Certain credit card companies and banks, like Bank of America, are also offering economic relief for their small business members. A new microsite called Covid-19 Response Hub on the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii website, is available for all business owners seeking information or to ask questions about covid19 and how it will affect your business. Senator Brian Schantz has resources available for small businesses seeking relief. To see if your business qualifies for any of the resources, check out Senator Brian Schantz list for Supporting Small Businesses. We hope this information is helpful to those of you who are selling to small businesses.

Due to COVID-19 safety requirements, participating credit unions cannot handle walk-ins at this time. Please seek help from community organizations or groups if you have problems applying. Under the 501 non-profit organization Waianae Community Redevelopment Corporation , programs are supported through grant funding, charitable donations, and through farming operations. You can support MA‘O Organic Farms by purchasing their produce at local grocery stores and farmers markets or joining their Community Supported Agriculture program. CSA boxes are filled with USDA-certified organic produce plucked straight from the farm and can be purchased in eight-week commitment, offered weekly or every other week. True to its name, this T-shirt printing company began as an alternate plan.

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