Greyboard – craft constructions

By adding a substance to the hotmelt it has become, after hardening, PUR and because of this it glues excellently. This sturdy Greyboard gives your craft constructions a stronger feel, which can be used either as backing card or a protective outer layer. Giroform, Reacto & new Eurocalcodigital stand out for Carbonless sets & books, but we’ve added now the Xerox digital range too. Right through to digital gloss & silk papers such as Gallerie, Condat, Magno & Claro, here you can easily buy small quantities to suit your needs. The new Labelsense range really covers anything sticky that you will need, backed up by the fantastic ranges of the well known Fasson, Graphic & Essential range of adhesives. Our selection of grey board backing boards have a wide range of uses.

As a repeat customer, we recommend you to buy from this company, you won’t be disappointed! Their products are well packaged and the products are genuine. The joy of printing by hand is that not one is like another.

Next, the sewed book block is glued in the cover by means of hotmelt. The use of the H-UV LED lamp allows high quality printing possibilities and strong reliability as well as excellent economic performance and ecofriendly usage. High reactive H-UV Led printing is offset printing with an innovative drying system, using Komori’s smartly developed UV Lamp and highly sensitive UV ink.

Relying on industrial resources and capital resources, our company has invested in many provinces across the country. We invest a lot of money every year in market research and new product development, actively exploring new market needs, while improving and innovating for old products at the right time. We strengthen intellectual property protection, enhance our core competencies, and ensure sustainable development. Beautiful handcrafted book and cards just as described but more gorgeous in the flesh. They came quickly and were well wrapped, added was a welcome small note attached for a personal touch.

For any other sizes please email us as we offer a custom cutting service and may also be able to provide other sizes on request. Depending on your requirements there may be a small additional charge for this service. Calco Paper are your choice of paper suppliers, with our large range of colours, weights and sizes we are the choice for printers all over the UK. The hotmelt is sensitive to the solvents present in the ink, the glue might soapen.

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