Why do we need to train and hire the first Executive Protection Technology Officers

Important people throughout history have hired strong individuals, military experts, and security specialists to keep them, their families, and their assets safe. CSOs and security directors can also be as leery of change as our clients are willing to try and pay for something new. Finally, the EP manager will work closely with tech support experts to evaluate, implement and manage new security technologies as they emerge. Tech is an integral and inevitable part of any world-class security program, and the EP manager must integrate tech in strategic security planning – and use tech as a force multiplier. Facial recognition technology powered by AI will continue to improve, for example, as will AI’s growing capacity to provide other kinds of understanding. Like other tools, AI’s ability to find sense in huge amounts of available data can be used for good purposes or bad.

The current SEC-proposed legislation codifies these responsibilities even more. Our 120,000 highly trained professionals go above and beyond to provide a wide range of industry-leading security solutions. With our core values of integrity, trust, vigilance and respect reflected in everything we do, we offer peace of mind to clients in North America, Africa and the Middle East, including Fortune 500 companies and governments. It’s no secret that leaders and executives are the most common and valuable targets for physical threats and cyberattacks.

Public sentiment, the intensity and nature of the competition, and the political climate where the business operates are a few of the critical considerations when assessing a corporate threat level. The term Executive Protection is often used interchangeably with Close Personal Protection – because close protection is a crucial element of VIP Executive protection technology. Agents must maintain close physical proximity to keep clients safe from any physical harm and be prepared to respond quickly to any physical threat. PhishLabs helps cut through the noise to quickly identify real threats targeting executives. High fidelity, technology-driven results, and expert human analysis adds critical context needed to identify and stop threats. This delivers complete visibility into the malicious online activity that exposes corporate VIPs to serious risk.

All the concerns about working from home, IT security, and trash covers apply to the executive’s home and especially to his/her vehicles, aircraft, and hotel rooms. Incorporating counterespionage measures and education/awareness training is an important part of executive protection. Executive protection is not just protection from physical harm, but protection from any potentially adverse acts or results that involve the executive.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your executives are protected. Advanced technology and elite human integration for innovative security solutions. Mr. Savage was appointed to the Senior Executive Service as the Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office in July 2015.

He is frequently quoted by prominent trade and mainstream media such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, CSO and the Financial Times, and selected to speak at international events such as RSA, ISSA and SecureWorld, among others. For a variety of reasons, security teams can’t simply extend corporate security policies like “”bring your own device”” or secure remote access into an executive’s personal life. They don’t have the authority to mandate training, configure personal devices or enforce proper usage requirements.

As executive protection planning occurs related to the travel, aggregated data can highlight event trends in selected locations, enabling trend-based analysis. When assessing executive protection technology solutions, organizations should first develop a clear set of goals for what technology will do for the team and the types of threats they seek to understand and address. For example, this might be controlling access to a specific, sensitive location at an executive residence, or improving executive safety during travel. Anyone whose status might leave them vulnerable to any sort of attack, including virtual or online, might benefit from executive protection services. Executive protection will always be physical, but cyber threats must now be an integrated element of risk mitigation, too.

As a high-net-worth individual or family, executive protection – especially private estate security – is worth considering. Many people need executive protection due to the nature of their work or public exposure. For example, CEOs of corporations, celebrities, musicians, politicians, and high-net-worth individuals may live under consistently high threat levels. While their security details may be much smaller than the President’s, they still require elite executive protection to reduce their risk profile. PhishLabs monitors for executive threats across the surface web, deep web, dark web, and social media, providing complete visibility of an executive’s online presence.

Working from a mobile-enabled platform that provides real-time awareness of POIs and their geographic and personal associations, your executive protection team can prioritize what matters, manage security threats, and instill confidence in your program. Employers have a duty of care to workers—a moral and legal obligation to keep employees safe while on the job, and to some extent, to provide a safety net for employees after work hours. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, protecting executives from likely and identified risks benefits companies. Since executives are among the most critical assets of an organization, ensuring their continued safety and security should be among the most critical tasks of an organization that seeks to maintain business continuity. Depending on the circumstances, CPOs may be deployed alone or as part of a larger team.

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