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For small plates and tiki cocktails from Minibar alum Al Thompson, consider its Shaw sibling bar Hanumanh. Some pet sitting services even include overnight care or administering medicine, so you’ll need to think about what you’re looking for in regards to pet sitting services so your pet can get the right care. Bresca th St., NWCount Ryan Ratino’s modern brass-and-blue bistro among the many restaurants to have traded à la carte offerings for prix fixe. It is generally recommended that puppies switch from puppy food to adult dog food when they reach 12 months of age.

Made-to-order citrusy ceviches, jicama slaw-topped oyster po’boys, Caribbean-style lechon, and other Latin dishes harken back to Alfredo Solis’s daysrunning downtown’s Ceibafor Passion Food Hospitality. A 12-seat bar sends out a pisco sour, caipirinha, mojito, and other Latin-hopping cocktails that follow the food’s lead. A Coronarita — a Corona bottle draining into a frozen margarita — keeps summer in swing all year. Generally speaking there are two types of puppy foods that most fall under, either wet dog food or dry dog food. best puppy food is made into a form of kibble or pellets that can be easily stored in a bag and fed to your pup on a regular basis.

If you’re a new puppy parent, the countless product choices in the pet food aisle are understandably overwhelming. With so many options promising to provide the healthiest and most delicious foods for your pup, it can seem impossible to make an informed decision about food for puppies. Finding the right dog food for your pup doesn’t have to feel like navigating a minefield, though.

We have loving Fur, Fins & Feathers dog walkers and caregivers who are dedicated to all your pet care needs. Taco BambaSeven Maryland and Virginia locationsVictor Albisu—formerly chef/owner of the late, great mod-Mex dining room Poca Madre—lets his freak flag fly at this ever-­expanding group of taquerias, often pulsing with ’90s hair metal. We believe in delivering great experiences for pets, clients, staff members, and the community.

Ultimately, adult dogs still need high-quality ingredients that are appropriate for their age, size and activity level. You also want to make the transition to adult dog food gradually, replacing portions of their food bit by bit, so that they can properly adjust to the new food. This transition can take as long as a few weeks before they are ready to eat adult food solely. Foods that are designed with the help of a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and that use human-grade food will often be more expensive, but will go a long way towards promoting a full, healthy and happy life.

We are honored to provide your pet with what is most important – happiness for pets and their people. Like many of us, sitting in an office staring at a computer all day was crushing her soul. Walking dogs was the opposite of cube life so she got a business license, ordered some business cards and figured out how to build a website. Within a year, she had taken at least 10 million steps, walked dozens of dogs and hired her first dog walker. Wanderpups has continued to grow since then, and has been recognized by the City Paper and the Washingtonian year after year for excellence in pet care.

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