PTC Metrology Calibration Lab

We offer 24/7 access to certificates, recall reports, and equipment lists. Our customers also the ability to track their equipment in real-time while it is at our facility. Get 24×7 access to your calibration certificates and measurement reports from both the original factory and our global network of service centers. Meet your local and global accreditation needs with 18 local accreditation bodies and international standards such as ISO/IEC and regional standards such as ANSI Z540.3. Get personalized access for all your support needs such as service requests, case management, calibration certificates, technical articles, and more. Ensure the highest accuracy by comparing your device or instrument to a primary or reference standard.

All Keysight Service centers are accredited to their local accreditation body such as JCSS, CNAS, Poverka, UKAS, ANAB, and so many more. Meet global and local (glocal) requirements with a large selection of local accreditation bodies such as JCSS, CNAS, UKAS, ANAB, and Poverka. Ensure your test system performs to specification as we calibrate every specification, every option, every time.

Oscilloscopes, power analyzers, pressure gauges, tachometers and digital thermometers are also provided. Serves aerospace, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, defense and biotech industries. Distributor of measurement, control, and calibration products.

You can trust our accredited calibration company to provide you with the effective services you need and deserve. Industrial measuring instrument & mechanical equipment calibration services. calibration services in los angeles are available for products including electrical test equipment, gas detection monitors, torque wrenches, chain & strap hoists & hot-line tools. Calibration & repair of equipment are done in-house or in agreement with qualified affiliate laboratories.

I had been using a pipette for 25 years, and it was great to have it working and well-calibrated again. Stay up-to-date on changing compliance requirements with our Keysight metrologists who work with international standards organizations. Manage calibrations and repairs with an onsite professional at your site.

A standard calibration does not include adjustment/adjustments to make a test instrument more accurate. Adjustments and repairs should be handled by an experienced technician. At MQC, all of our adjustments and repairs are handled by our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-trained technicians. Our knowledgeable experts can handle all of your calibration needs, including scale calibration, pipette calibration, and torque wrench calibration. Vacuum gage calibration services and leak standard calibration services are available.

Contact or visit us for equipment calibration services in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in California, along with Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Tektronix labs offer pick-up and delivery service in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We have a global network of calibration labs with the most extensive set of calibration capabilities in the industry. The most common questions we receive from our customers are about how long they should wait to calibrate their equipment and the risks of extending their calibration cycles. You should never view accurate calibration as just a necessary annoyance, or perform calibrations simply to pass an audit.

Capabilities include certification, radiation auditing, data archiving, hardware permitting, verification, maintenance & repairing. Calibration services are suitable for flowmeters up to 100,000 sccm capacities, analyzers & pipettes. Driver, screw feeder and torque meter repair services are also provided. Serves the automotive, aerospace, semi-conductor, medical and electronic device industries.

SIMCO Los Angeles is accredited to ISO 17025, certified to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, and compliant to ISO 9001 as indicated by the ILAC/ISO Joint Communique.

Most companies offer what Micro Quality Calibration (MQC) calls “typical” calibration services. These services include calibration of instruments combined with a pick-up and drop-off service. Calibration services including on-site & depot center calibrating.

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